The Great Bird Replacement

Mimi, Eunice, 3 orangebirds and 1 bluebird are in the panel. The birds face Eunice. Eunice: “In the last week, only 1 orangebird has hatched, but 7 bluebirds have entered the park.” / “If this alarming trend continues, bluebirds will make the orangebirds a minority in their own park!”. The orangebirds now angrily face the bluebird, which panics. / Mimi: “Don’t panic! Bluebirds always come in this season.”. Eunice: “That’s exactly what a bluebird sympathizer would say.”. The bluebird is dead and the orangebirds now angrily look at Mimi.

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Auf Deutsch

Topics: nazi crap , irrationality , logic

Series: Fashistic Birds

Comic #217

Published at: 22/03/2022