Free to Play still isn’t Free

Mimi is inside a computer screen and looks at various frames, arranged like in a GUI. Inside these frames, a total of 5 octagonal gems in different colors with different price tags can be seen: green: 1 money, cyan: 9 monies, blue: 19 monies, purple: 59 monies and red: 119 monies. Eunice says: “So much unreal stuff for real money. In a free game.“ / Eunice is now in the real world can be seen holding a smartphone in the hand. Eunice looks at the screen and screams out in shock: “Wait a minute!” / Mimi appears. Eunice points at Mimi. Eunice: “‘Free to Play’ isn’t actually free!”. Mimi smiles: “Insiders call it ‘Free to Pay’.

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Auf Deutsch

Topics: games , capitalism , deception

Comic #423

Published at: 15/10/2022