Trapped in the Matrix

Mimi and Eunice are in the picture. Eunice: “We’re trapped in the matrix!”. Mimi: “Do robots control our thoughts?” / Eunice: “Much worse! We’re mathematical objects.” / In the picture, now two giant brackets, one open bracket to the left, and one closing bracket to the right come into view. Between those brackets, in a 2×2 grid arranged are, from top to bottom, left to right: Mimi, Eunice, Poppy and Keno. Eunice makes a sad face. Mimi is shocked and shouts out: “Nooooo!”

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Auf Deutsch

Author’s comment: I wonder what happens if you calculate the complex conjugate of Mimi.

Topics: culture , language , surrealism

Comic #472

Published at: 03/12/2022