Making Money

Mimi and Eunice stand at a sign saying “Lemonade. 1 money”. Eunice shows a money bill to Mimi and Mimi hands over a glass of lemonade. Mimi: “Making money is an action.” / Mimi is alone and holds a money bill in hand. In front of Mimi there is a stack of more money bills. Mimi smiles. Mimi: “Keeping money is a behavior.” / Eunice has returned. Eunice is grinning while Mimi makes an angry face reading a letter saying “Rent is due! 1000 monies”. Eunice say: “Making others make money for you is wisdom.”

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Auf Deutsch

Author’s comment: Loosely based on an “inspiring” quote common in various cringe “Get Rich Quick” communities. The original goes like this: “Making money is an action. Keeping money is a behavior. Growing money is wisdom.”.

Topic: capitalism

Comic #518

Published at: 18/01/2023