Failed Success

A whiteboard stands between Mimi and Eunice. On the whiteboard, a chart is drawn. On the horizontal axis, the word “time” is written, on the vertical axis, the word “user” is written. A line shows a downward trend. Mimi says: “The user count has tanked!” / The chart has changed. Now the line first shows a sharp upward trend followed by a minor downward trend. Eunice: “1 week before, there was a huge growth. It’s a net gain!” / Mimi angrily points at Eunice: “Don’t downplay your failure!”. Eunice is annoyed.

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Auf Deutsch

Author’s comment: Inspired by an annoying debate lord—who shall not be named—claiming that Mastodon has “tanked” because not literally 100% of its new users stayed after a massive growth, but “only” the vast majority.

Topics: computing , irrationality

Comic #541

Published at: 09/02/2023