A terrible Illness

Eunice says to Mimi: “The test results are in. It doesn’t look good.” / Eunice holds a piece of paper in her hand. It says: “Symptoms: No concentration, loss of appetite, obsessions, restlessness, insomnia, reduced fear, irrationality” / Eunice holds the hands of Mimi. Eunice: “You have a condition called ‘love’. It’s terminal.”. Mimi makes a very sad face.

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Auf Deutsch

Author’s comment: Absurd, right? If you would look at love from a purely medical perspective, it kinda sounds like a serious mental illness that needs treatment. Yet it is accepted in society. But in fact, people actually question you if you do not have feelings of romantic love and you say that openly. In that case, people assume that something’s wrong with you, even if the lack of those feelings is totally fine for you. Turns out not everyone is made for romantic love, it’s fine.

Topics: health , emotions , love , irrationality

Comic #552

Published at: 20/02/2023