Brief History of Free Software

A large GNU head from the GNU Project can be seen. Mimi: “Free software? Don’t be ridiculous!” / More icons of free software (Linux, Apache HTTP Server, GIMP, KDE) appear. Mimi: “Free software has never worked, and never will!” / Many more free software icons appear (Godot, Xonotic, OpenVPN, Inkscape, CMake,, Krita, Hedgewars, Blender, MediaWiki, systemd, Mumble, Linux-libre, LibreOffice, Firefox, IceCat, Qt, OpenWrt, JOSM, FileZilla, VLC, LMMS, BigBlueButton, GNOME, XFCE, Libreboot). Mimi: “You’re living a lie!”. Eunice is visibly annoyed.

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Auf Deutsch

Author’s comment: Don’t listen to the naysayers. I think for a movement that basically started from nothing, we have come quite far now. But we still have so much to do …

Topics: free software , computing , denialism

Comic #57

Published at: 24/10/2021