Modern Technologies

Mimi stands in front of a laptop. A purple book is shown on the screen and the following text is written: “To download this ‘free’ e-book, please enter your academic affiliation.”. Mimi thinks: “WTF?” / Mimi meets Eunice, who holds a purple book in her hand. Mimi points to teh book and asks: “Can I lend this book?”. Eunice: “Sure!” / Mimi is now alone and holds the book in her hands. Mimi faces the reader and says: “Print suddenly feels modern.”

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Auf Deutsch

Author’s comment: Inspired by a quote from the documentary “Paywall: The Business of Scholarship” (2018): “You don’t need a login, anybody can access it. In the modern world, all of the sudden, print-based seems pretty forward-leaning.”

Topics: culture , media , Internet , science

Comic #580

Published at: 21/03/2023