All Fake, part 1

Mimi and Eunice stand in front of a laptop. Mimi: “The spree killer has filmed his deed.”. Eunice: “Fake!” / Mimi throws her hands up in the air. Mimi: “What about all the corpses?!”. Eunice: “Actors!” / Mimi: “Seriously?!”. Eunice smiles and points at the screen. Eunice: “Yes, these 2 pixels at 3:29 are really sus.”

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Auf Deutsch

Author’s comment: I openly admit, I used to argue in a similar way. Of course, the fact there are like 1000 other explanations for weird pixels didn’t bother me that much back then.

Topics: media , denialism , computing

Series: All Fake

Comic #594

Published at: 04/04/2023