Dr. Gender

Mimi and Eunice watch TV. In TV, Poppy with an evil grin is speaking: “Mwahaha! With my evil invention, I’ll make everyone trans.”. Mimi and Eunice jump up in shock and shout: “Gasp!”. / Next episode … Mimi and Eunice watch TV again. This time, the TV shows Keno with an evil grin. He says: “Mwahaha! With my evil invention, I’ll turn everyone cis.”. Mimi: “I don’t get it.” / Mimi turns around and faces Eunice. Eunice: “Yeah. That’s just what our government wants to do.”. Mimi: “Is our government evil?”

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Auf Deutsch

Topics: culture , queerness , gender , state

Comic #629

Published at: 10/05/2023