Dimensions of Sexuality

Mimi: “Sexuality is 2-dimensional. The two axes refer to the strength of your sexual attraction to the two genders. Look.“ / A diagram is shown. It is a square with 4 quadrants. The square has a color gradient from the bottom left to the top right from purple to yellow. There are two axes. The horizontal axis is labelled “attraction to other gender” with an arrow pointing right, the vertical axis is labelled “attraction to same gender” with an arrow pointing upwards. The 4 quadrants are labelled: “homosexual” (top left), “bisexual” (top right), “asexual” (bottom left) and “heterosexual” (bottom right). / Eunice raises her finger. Eunice: “You forgot enbies.”. Mimi is mad and shouts: “Stop ruining my theories!”

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Auf Deutsch

Topics: sex , queerness , gender , science

Series: Models of Sexuality

Comic #438

Published at: 30/10/2022