The Ultimate Model

Mimi: “I created the ultimate model of sexuality. It accounts for everything.” / The background turns into a colorful mess. Lines and curves chaotically go all over the place. A bunch of words can be seen all over the panel with seemingly no system: “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”, “ace”, “queer”, “het”, “enbian”, “What am I?”, “gray-a”, “WTF”, “WLNB”, “WLW”, “Help!”, “m-spec”, “demi”, “poly”, “pan”, “MLM”, “bi”, “abro”, “repulsed”, “gay”, “lesbian”, “fray”. Mimi says with excited eyes: “It’s a 743-dimensional clusterfuck.” / Eunice: “I don’t get it.”. Mimi smiles: “Me neither!”

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Auf Deutsch

Topics: sex , queerness

Series: Models of Sexuality

Comic #439

Published at: 31/10/2022